[Bulgaria/Romania] Cross-border custody case of Bulgarian father Sevdalin Chandarov and daughter Jasmina

Father protest monday morning September 29, 2014 (at 9:30 hours) in Sofia at the Bulgarian Supreme Judicial Council building (at Ul. Exarch Joseph 12)
Bulgaria, Press Release Association “Childhood And Dad”
Phone: 088 8604515
Contact Person: Pancho Malezanov Chairman of the association “Childhood and dad

The Bulgarian association “Childhood and daddy” calls on all responsible parents who are not indifferent to their rights issue of our children to stand with posters in hands on September 29 at 9:30 am. Before the Supreme Judicial Council of Bulgaria at the following address: Exarch Joseph 12 in Sofia, Bulgaria < Bulgarian website of the Supreme Judicial Council of Bulgaria: http://www.vss.justice.bg

– TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN! Because we take the fruits of our fathers unreasonable judgments and grotesque behavior of social workers. This horror is happening today in the twenty-first century version reminiscent blood tax associated with the darkest events from the time of Turkish occupation and slavery.

Come to this public event with father Sevdalin Chandarov of the Bulgarian city of Nedelino who appears emanation of total denial of his paternity and discrimination against men as good parents. There is neglect, marginalization and humiliation of the father of little Jasmina, who for the past five years was the caring parent and only important factor for the normal psychophysiological and full development of his child; but as a typical demonstration of arrogant, reckless and unsanctioned by the legal authorities father keeping SAM wonderful my child, who is now being excluded from his daughter and crushed – all at the cost of the devastation of the present and future of his own daughter. The girl was given to the mother to live in Calarasi, Romania – without evaluating and taking into account the best interest of the child who grew up and is grounded in Bulgaria, has her friends, familyand school in Bulgaria and is fully accustomed to the Bulgarian living conditions. of development. A cultural shock awaits Jasmina – totally detached from the environment to which she is accustomed, the trusted circle of relatives and friends, school … while she does not understand or speak the Romanian language. The life of a Bulgarian child will be overturned as a result of negligent, discriminatory and anti-Bulgarian judgment. In this severe demographic situation, the Bulgarian court propels our children abroad. And the case is not an isolated one or unique. Also another father suffers after a court ruling allowing the mother to take their child of three months into the Republic of Belarus – and is not returned within the specified period. Who is responsible for these irresponsible judgments? Who benefits from them? Who now will return the child to its home country?

Moving on to active action! On September 29th at 9:30 pm we will stand together in front of the Bulgarian Supreme Judicial Council address: Ul. Exarch Joseph 12, Sofia
with posters in hands – TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN!

Pancho Malezanov: 27 september 2014

Bulgarian language Press Release:

Съобщение за медиите
Сдружение „Детство И с тати“

Телефон: 088 8604515

Лице за контакт:

Панчо Малезанов-председател на сдружение ‘Детство и с тати

Сдружение „Детство и с тати” призовава всички отговорни родители, на които не им е безразлична темата за правата на децата ни да застанем с плакати в ръце, на 29 септември в 9:30 ч. пред администрацията на Висшия съдебен съвет на адрес: Ул. Екзарх Йосиф 12

– В ЗАЩИТА НА НАШИТЕ ДЕЦА! Защото рожбите ни се отнемат от нас бащите им с необосновани съдебни решения, и с гротескно поведение на социални служители. Този ужас се случва днес, през ХХІ век във вариант, напомнящ кръвният данък, свързван с най-мрачните събития от времето на туркото робство.

Добилият популярност случай с татко Севдалин от Неделино се явява еманация на тоталното отричане на бащинството у нас и дискриминирането на мъжа като пълноценен родител. Налице е неглижиране, маргинализиране и унизяване на таткото на малката Жасмина, като единствен важен фактор(през изминалите пет години) за нормалното и пълноценно психофизиологично развитие на детето си; типична демонстрация на надменно, безотговорно и несанкционирано отношение на съдебни власти към баща, отглеждащ САМ прекрасно рожбата си, който сега е смачкан – с цената на опустошаването на настоящето и бъдещето на собствената му дъщеря. Момиченцето е присъдено на майката, за да живее в Кълъраш, Румъния – без прогноза и оценка за развитието му. Не са взети под внимание битовите условия там, културният шок, който очаква Жасмина – тотално откъсната от средата, с която е привикнала, доверения кръг от роднини, близки, приятелки, училище…, а тя не разбира румънски език. Животът на едно българче ще бъде преобърнат в резултат на нехайно, дискриминационно и анти-българско съдебно решение. В настоящата тежка демографска ситуация, българският съд прокужда наши деца в чужбина. Случаят не е изолиран, нито единствен. Друг татко (от Чирпан) страда след решение на съда, допуснал майката да изведе детето им за три месеца в Беларус – и не е върнато в определения срок. Кой носи отговорност за тези безотговорни съдебни решения? Кой се възползва от тях? Кой сега ще върне детето в Родината?

Преминаваме към активни действия! На 29-ти септември в 9:30 ч ще застанем заедно пред администрацията на Висшия съдебен съвет на адрес: Ул. Екзарх Йосиф 12

с плакати в ръце – В ЗАЩИТА НА НАШИТЕ ДЕЦА!

Hungerstrike by Bulgarian father Sevdalin Chandarov against unjustified and discriminative Bulgarian court custody order for his daughter Jasmina

Interview with Bulgarian father Sevdalin Chandarov on Bulgarian TV Channel 3 on 19 september 2014 (from 12:40 -32:20 min. onwards)
▶ Студио 3 (следобед) – 19.09.2014 Част 4
Source: YouTube – Канал 3 TV – 19.09.2014

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04TssW5chzc&w=410&h=308]

Bulgarian father starves himself to death in hungerstrike until Bulgarian court changes unfair custody-change order
Bulgaria – 24chasa.bg – Share – 9/16/2014 09:59; 24 hours online; 1231; 1;

Photo: Archive – A father of the Bulgarian city of Nedelino, who cared five years alone for his daughter, began a hunger strike in protest against a decision of Kardzhali district court – information from Darik.

Magistrates awarded the custody of the child to the former wive, who is a Romanian citizen, of Sevdalin Chandarov.

Daughter Jasmina barely knows her mother. Two-thirds of the child’s life have gone by with her father. For five years during her stay with her father she heard her mother only on the phone and then only rarely.

5 years ago the mother of Jasmina – Romanian citizen Veronica Petcu, moved to Spain just as the two-year-old daughter was admitted to the hospital.

A year and a half later, the young woman suddenly wanted a divorce from her Bulgarian husband and ceased all contact with her daughter, said bTV.

Now the mother of seven-year old Jasmina suddenly gets awarded custody while this has previously been awarded to the father by the Zlatograd District Court. Following the decision of Kardzhalimen magistrates Sevdalin Chandarov began a hunger strike. Jasmine’s father casts heavy doubt on the fairness of the judicial system.

According to social workers Jasmina is very fond of her father and was estranged from her mother caused by her voluntary absence from the child’s life. The devastated father intends to declare indefinite civil disobedience in front of the Supreme Judicial Council in the capital.

Father began a hunger strike after he took the child – I tried to bribe the judge with potatoes, beef and yogurt
Blitz News – Kardzhali, Bulgaria – Posted 11 September. 2014, 12:10 | Updated: Sept 11. 2014, 12:10

Photos: 2

The man decided to starve because paternity case. Magistrates granted custody of 8-year-old daughter Jasmine to her mother – Andrina Veroniku. Romanian citizen living in the town of Calarasi and in the words of the mountaineers after divorce never came to see the child. “Even when I won the case in Zlatograd District Court, she had the right to visit Zhasi, take her for a month, but not once did, reports 24rodopi.com. Only time and pay child support in the amount of 100 lev. At other times constantly bothered me for money sending SMS-es. The child knows her. The last time I saw a case in Kardzhali and immediately hid behind me. When I heard the decision of the court, raised blood pressure. They took me to the Emergency in Nedelino where I participated systems. Nothing said the child, but most likely it is understood. Will starve two days outside the courthouse in Kardzhali. On Monday I will send Zhasi school and go on Tuesday in Sofia, where he will protest to the Supreme Judicial Council. Received assurance from other fathers who will come to support me. Will appeal to the Supreme Court, “said Chandarov.

While talking, his phone rings, it turns out his daughter. “Daddy, grandma ate meat. Listen to her to know you when you come back? “Asked the child trembling Sevdalin.

“The child is learning excellent. It does not speak a word of Romanian. How will you live there? We found out that my ex-wife lives with another man, who has three children. According to the information at my disposal Andrina wait another child. All the expertise of social workers are in my favor. Even in the courtroom could not bring a bus witnesses to confirm how to care for the child. In the course of my case said that there was no problem Zhasi was small, can adapt and learn Romanian “said Sevdalin.

“I am sure that magistrates in Kardzhali know those from Smolyan. After my initial protests, they now give it back by supporting the decision of the District Court in Smolyan. I wanted to try one of the magistrates, who led one of the cases in Kardzhali. I took the parents of Judge potatoes, beef and yogurt. They received them. I wanted to see if they can succumb to bribes. I just wanted to have fair play, “reveals Sevdalin. / Turbo

Sevdalin Chandarov fights for his daughter. Its class: She is painfully fond of him
Bulgaria – 24chasa.bg – 14/2/2014

Photo: BTV – Sevdalin Chandarov e devoted father who himself has raised his child and who was on the brink of despair because of inability to fight for custody of 6-year-old daughter.

Days ago Zlatograd District Court awarded custody of Sevdalin Chandarov. His story is about to become a legal precedent, said bTV.

Objectives 4 years Sevdalin caregivers alone. His wife Veronica Petcu left him and went abroad. A few months ago the court give her custody. According to the child’s personal physician and psychologist 6-year-old Jasmine is very fond of her father.

“Failure have several meetings with the child, which shows that she does not wish to meet with the mother. In my questions: “What is the reason?” – “Well, it speaks for gifts …” Strong affection manifested by the relatives of his father. And I can tell – painful affection for his father, just for talking, “says psychologist R. Stoyanova from the Social Support Centre in the town of Nedelino.

“Well, yes, the child was with bilateral pneumonia. Then the father went to the ward to treat the child. Mother went to Spain. She never made a call to ask how the child, okay, sturdy, you sick, you care for her, feed her, bathe her, things like that, “explained the GP of Jasmine nedelino Dr. Milka Lubomirova.

A few days ago new circumstances completely upended the custody case. District Court ordered Zlatograd 6-year-old Jasmine to stay in Bulgaria with her father. The reason is the drastic differences between the claims of the mother and inspection of social services in the Romanian town Calarasi.

“From there, it was confirmed that the mother had lied, that is located in the Republic of Romania and had gone with a contract to work in Spain,” added the father of Jasmine Sevdalin Chandarov.

According to the social report of the Romanian social services seven-member family of Veronica Petcu live in apartment, not in the bedroom, as it claims. “One bedroom apartment, home to the mother and father of my ex-wife, her two sisters and their spouses and one of their grandchild,” added the father.

News of stay of Jasmine in Nedelino met with joy and relief in the few Muslim town. Most are excited Jasmina her dad. “I love my dad and I do not want nobody, ‘the girl.

“We are very excited and happy developments for the benefit of our fellow citizen because our joy comes from the fact that though he is the father … And rarely fathers go to protect their children – show such concern for the child who is also an example for others in our city, “said Rumen Chafadarov sagrazhdaninat them.

“I am happy because for the first time in Bulgaria is going to win a case, and it father! Glad you stuck in Bulgaria Bulgarian child to learn and develop. I am proud that the child remains in my class because she is doing great things to be doing in school, “said the head of the class and Jasmine R. Karaivanova.

A case can be appealed to the Smolyan District Court. Albeit temporary, victory Sevdalin Chandarov gives hope to many Bulgarian fathers, they will not be discriminated against by Bulgarian courts by gender.

Court sent the girl to her mother, who gave him before 4 godiniBashta ready to indefinite hunger strike to preserve their parental pravaBashta began a hunger strike in Smolyan Romanian take his child

Father is ready for indefinite hunger strike to preserve their parental rights
Bulgaria – 24chasa.bg – Share 16/09/2013 9:41; 24 hours online; 2088; 0;

Sevdalin and Jasmine Photo: A scene from the story of bTV

Man raising his daughter alone four years, until one day he received a letter from the child’s mother, in which she claimed the custody, said bTV. Sevdalin Chandarov ready to declare an indefinite hunger strike to retain the right to see and care for 6-year-old Jasmine.

This is not the first hunger strike, her father. See the story HERE.

“The father is very caring. Just some mothers can learn from it, “says Dr. Milka Lubomirova, doctor of Jasmine in the city Nedelino. Girl barely knew her mother, who worked for years in Spain. She even does not know that she is likely be sent to his mother, who is a Romanian citizen.

Sevdalin Chandarov and Adriana Petcu-Veronica are introduced 8 years ago in Spain, where both are gurbet. After a year and a half Sevdalin returns home to Nedelino. Adriana, Veronica decides to follow him and they married, in Bulgaria. In 2007, Jasmine was born. 2009, however, is detrimental to the family, because Adriana, Veronica wants to return to Spain.

“Basically here from the city, many women work in Spain and a friend of hers curl to go there, said it was very nice there – to work on a seasonal strawberries. I was strongly against, “said the man. First year mother sent money to her family in Bulgaria, but after the second year her behavior changed dramatically.

“From now estranged. Feelings were strange. As I started to kiss her, she pulled my hands, “recalls Sevdalin. Husband so suddenly receives divorce papers. Several months later Sevdalin understands that its long half life partner with a fellow in Spain.

“For two years Adriana never called to ask how her daughter was doing in Nedelino” says Sevdalin more.

Two instances of the Bulgarian court refuses to listen to the arguments of the social workers and the GP of Jasmina whereby Sevdalin perfect parent, and judge custody of the mother, who now lives in Spain.

The last hope of the father is the Supreme Court. The local “Child Protection” refused to comment on the grounds that they are very busy.

Sevdalin Chandarov fights for his daughter. Its class: She is painfully fond of him

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