On EU support for parenting associations (European Parliament – answer to written questions)

Written question by Portuguese MEP João Ferreira (GUE/NGL) to the European Commission on EU support for parenting associations
Source: European Parliament – EU support for parenting associations – E-010058/2013 – 10 september 2013

European Parliament
Parliamentary questions
10 September 2013 E-010058-13

Question for written answer to the Commission (Rule 117) by João Ferreira (GUE/NGL)

Subject: EU support for parenting associations Answer(s)

The Portuguese Association for Parental Equality and Children’s Rights (APIPDF) works in the area of family, childhood and parenting issues. Some of its objectives include: promoting social and legal awareness of equal rights and duties for fathers and mothers, particularly as regards parental responsibility; promoting issues of parental equality and positive parenting; undertaking any action together with the competent institutions to ensure children’s rights are respected, focusing on making both parents equally responsible for their children after separation.

The APIPDF is part of the Platform for European Fathers, which focuses on the problems of parental estrangement, lengthy court proceedings and the issue of shared custody.

1. What programmes and measures could provide financial support for the work of associations such as the APIPDF?

2. In view of the conference ‘Facing the Crisis of the Family in the Name of the Children. First Comparative Survey on Children Custody in Europe’ to be held on 23 October 2013 in Strasbourg, what programmes and measures could help an APIPDF representative or members of that association attend that conference or similar events to be held in the future?

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Answer by Mrs Reding on behalf of the European Commission to a written question by Portuguese MEP João Ferreira (GUE/NGL) on EU support for parenting associations
Source: European Parliament – EU support for parenting associations – E-010058/2013 – 8 November 2013

European Parliament
Parliamentary questions
8 November 2013 E-010058/2013

Answer given by Mrs Reding on behalf of the Commission

The Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme(1) has been funding projects and organisations aiming to strengthen the rights of the child on a regular basis. According to the 2013 annual work programme(2) the call for proposals for action grants for 2013, which will be published in the coming weeks(3), shall focus on rights of the child as one of its priorities. In particular, there is a possibility for financial support for transnational projects which propose actions such as training modules on child-friendly justice (in accordance with the 2010 Guidelines on child-friendly justice of the Council of Europe) for legal and other professionals and practitioners who interact with children in the context of judicial proceedings.

For the period 2014-2020, negotiations on the new two programmes are still not finalised. The Honourable Member might be aware that the future Justice Programme will support judicial cooperation and access to justice. This may include projects covering judicial cooperation in divorce and parental custody matters and in maintenance obligations matters. Moreover projects related to matrimonial regimes promoting the elimination of obstacles to the good functioning of cross-border civil proceedings in the Member States could get support. Furthermore, the future Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme will address the rights of the child.

However, the financing of individual attendances at a conference or similar event is not possible, unless it takes place in the context of a project which has previously been awarded a grant.

(1) Council Decision 2007/252/EC of 19 April 2007.
(2) http://ec.europa.eu/justice/newsroom/files/frc_awp_2013_en.pdf
(3) http://ec.europa.eu/justice/newsroom/fundamental-rights/grants/index_en.htm

OJ C 197, 26/06/2014
Last updated: 8 November 2013

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